Upcoming Episode for August, 2017

With the recent events that have taken place in Charlottesville, VA we now once again see a country that appears to be engulfed by the flames of division. On August 12, 2017 White Nationalist protestors were met by various counter protestors, which resulted in the injury of 19 people and the unfortunate loss of a human life. And while the details of the event are still being reported and analyzed, there is plenty that is already being said by onlookers everywhere. A debate has emerged from the aftermath regarding the limits of our First Amendment.
Ironically, our next show was already scheduled to be about Free Speech. So, we here at Common Ground thought it was appropriate to tackle the issues represented by this tragic event as well. You will not find anyone here condoning White Supremacy or the absurd resurgence of Neo-Nazism and you will not find anyone here denying the right to protest.
What you will find however, is a group of ideologically diverse individuals who have agreed to discuss a highly charged and incredibly controversial topic in a manner that you will not find in other media outlets. No echo chamber here.
Should free speech be protected….even if it’s from Nazi’s? Is a dangerous precedent being set by normalizing violence in protests? How should we deal with extremist groups – whether from the Left or the Right?
Find out, as we tackle another divisive issue on Common Ground Episode #7 – Freedom of Speech: For All?
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