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CGP EP#8: After our original scheduled topic fell through due to scheduling conflicts, we decided to ditch our typical format and try something new. Also, I experimented with a different recording setup, including a new mic. Things sound a bit off? Episode #8 deals with the latest protests going on in the NFL, American exceptionalism, as well as other current events.
CGP EP#7: With the recent events that have taken place in Charlottesville, VA we now once again see a country that appears to be engulfed by the flames of division. On August 12, 2017 White Nationalist protestors were met by various counter protestors, which resulted in the injury of 19 people and the unfortunate loss of a human life. And while the details of the event are still being reported and analyzed, a debate has emerged from the aftermath regarding the limits of our First Amendment. Should free speech be protected….even if it’s from Nazis? Is a dangerous precedent being set by normalizing violence in protests? How should we deal with extremist groups – whether from the Left or the Right?
CGP EP#6: On this episode, we talk about GUNS! More specifically, we go into the 2nd amendment and all of its various interpretations. We speak on regulations, escalation, and possible root causes of why urban city centers have such a concentration of gun violence.
CGP EP#5: I begrudgingly talk for a bit about the topic of fake news!
CGP EP#4.5: My Afterthoughts on our last episode dealing with the American Healthcare system. In this recap, I read an article from Forbes about the Swiss healthcare system as a compromise between the Liberal and Conservative ideas for our system in the U.S.
CGP Ep #4: An off-the-cuff examination of the current American Healthcare system. What's wrong with it? What's the best solution? Why are energy drinks covered by EBT?
CGP EP#3.5: Meeeeeeeoooowww Meeeooowww. Meow. (A semi-buzzed review of the previous episode "The False Dichotomy of Modern Politics")
CGP EP#3: Are you a Democrat or a Republican? And why is that question bullshit? Find out on Common Ground Ep:3 – The False Dichotomy of Modern Politics.
CGP EP #2.5: I refrained from giving my take on the questions during the show the other night in order to allow our guests more time to speak. So now it’s my turn, here ya go!
CGP EP#2: Recently, millions of women around the world joined together in a peaceful march for women’s rights; including the right to equality and the right to be in control of their own bodies, as well as many other culturally-encompassing civil rights issues. This was followed shortly thereafter by the annual March for Life, a peaceful demonstration that has occurred on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade every year since 1973 as a show of support for the rights of the unborn. Is there any common ground to be found within this historically passionate debate?
CGP EP#1.5: Some additional thoughts while addressing feedback from Ep #1 regarding divisive language.
CGP EP#1: This hastily recorded first episode touches on the use of divisive terms like "Libtard", "Snowflake", "Privileged", "Straight White Male" to distort otherwise reasonable arguments.